Artificial Assistant for Psychological Psychotherapists and Child and Adolescent Psychotherapists


The Problem

Psychological psychotherapists and child /adolescent psychotherapists are self-employed entrepreneurs. An application for short-term or long-term therapy can be submitted after the first probationary session. Creating applications and associated reports often takes a long time. The report must describe the somatic findings, the resulting diagnosis and a treatment plan.
Psychological psychotherapists and child /adolescent psychotherapists must always make sure that the quota of sessions, approved by the health insurance, is not exceeded. Otherwise the insurance will not cover the costs of the sessions made over the quota. Short-term therapies include up to 24 therapy sessions. The application is made in two steps for twelve therapy units each. Short-term therapy can be converted into long-term therapy. This must be done at the latest with the eighth therapy unit.
According to the psychotherapy guideline, each practice has to be reachable by telephone for a mandatory number of minutes each week to enable appointment coordination.

  • 200 minutes / week with full coverage,
  • 100 minutes / week with 50% coverage.

If the practice specializes in children and adolescents, it is particularly aggravating that children and adolescents often forget their appointments.


The Solution

Our Artificial Assistant accepts phone calls and arranges a suitable appointment for the patient. Children and adolescents will be reminded about the appointment via WhatsApp or SMS, 24 hours and again, one hour before the therapy appointment.
The contingent of the respective treatment is constantly monitored by the Artificial Assistant, so that necessary applications for more hours can be made in good time to the health insurance.
If long-term therapy is planned, the therapist must write a report to substantiate the need. This is summarized by our artificial intelligence. Based on the clinical descriptions and findings obtained during therapy sessions, ur artificial intelligence learns from the text modified by the therapist and adjusts the reports to meet their individual needs in the future.
The application for therapy is completed on the basis of previously recorded personal patient data and reported to the health insurance company together with the report. The approval is accepted and the number of approved therapy sessions entered; These are also monitored by the Artificial Assistant again.
At the end of each quarter, the psychotherapist will be shown all therapy sessions for each patient. This information will be sent automatically to the KV (Kassenärztliche Vereinigung) for billing.
For private patients, corresponding invoices are created and the receipt of the payment is monitored. Reminders are created automatically. The collection will be activated if the patient has not paid the invoice within a reasonable time.


Appointment management in doctor’s offices

The appointment management app is similar to WhatsApp. As soon the patient makes an appointment via the telephone assistant, the agreed appointment appears immediately in the app. The practitioner can also create new appointments himself. All other patient concerns appear as a task in the app.